Whenever God is trying to do something, roadblocks always seem to pop up. Thankfully, God is bigger than any obstacle the enemy tries to throw.

God has given us ample evidence that He wants us to move forward in rebuilding the condemned Chembur

Church in Mumbai, India, and creating a center of influence to minister to the local community. 

By the Grace of God, we have received over $23,000 in donations for the project, and Pastor Shinde, President of the Mumbai Metro Section, has initiated communications with the Union and has received their approval.

Since this process has started, COVID cases have been rising in the city. The contractors we are considering have not been able to travel around Mumbai to visit the church and formulate an updated quote for the building costs. 

Please join us in praying for travel to open up again, for the contractor who will eventually be working on the project, and for wisdom in putting all the details together. 

The estimated cost to tear down and rebuild the Chembur church (including space for a COI and pastor/guest housing) is $100,000 and God has already provided the first 20%!

If God is impressing you to support this project financially, please click the button below.