Priya shares her testimony

Priya’s Story

Priya is a young college graduate who is living with her family. But she and her family have faced a problem. Priya’s father is an alcoholic, and he spends all of his earnings on drinking. As a result, the family is very poor. In addition, her father does not want his children to go to church. For the last two years Priya has been attending the local Seventh-day Adventist Church without her father’s knowledge.

During the last few months, Priya’s family faced deeper poverty. The family was so poor that they were unable to buy food and other basic provisions. However, the pastor at the Seventh-day Adventist church helped them. He graciously provided the family with the groceries and supplies they needed during those hard months. When Priya’s father saw how the church had helped his family, he was touched, and he told Priya that she could go to church.

Now, Priya does not have to keep her church-going a secret, and she is ready to give her heart to the Lord through baptism. Praise God!

Vijaya’s Story
Vijaya is a housewife and mother who suffers abuse from her husband. A regular and heavy drinker, her husband curses at her and keeps for himself the resources she needs to feed her family.

One day, Vijaya was so discouraged and hopeless about her situation that she decided to commit suicide. However, on the same day that she planned to kill herself, Bible Worker Selvakumari came to her home and prayed with her. After the prayer, God impressed Selvakumari to buy Vijaya some groceries. Selvakumari obeyed God’s voice, and went out to buy her some.

Now, Vijaya is very happy. She has found hope in God, and she has faith that He will provide for her family. She has also been coming to church regularly!

“I will not kill myself. God and His Church are with me,” she said, confidently.

These stories, though short, are a great example of how caring for someone’s needs can change their perspective on Christianity and even on life. Christ cares so deeply for His children, and when someone sees that care for themselves, He can begin to His transforming work in them. We praise God for how He is working in Priya and Vijaya’s lives, and we invite your prayers for their families as well.

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