A truck on a muddy mountain road in the Philippines

The dusty dirt road turned into soft, sticky mud as rain poured over the mountains of an island in the southern Philippines. Usually, when Pastor Ranny Devera and the JFA Bible Workers who serve in that area travel in the mountains, they drive offroad motorcycles. On this trip however, they had brought a two-wheel drive SUV, the Mission’s only large vehicle, which they used to carry medical supplies.

The previous week they held a medical clinic and an evangelistic series in a village in the mountains. They rented a large open-air gymnasium to conduct the meetings, which they held in the daytime to comply with COVID restrictions. The villagers were interested in the messages they shared and by the grace of God, many of them decided to accept Jesus as their Savior and be baptized.

Pastor Ranny and the Bible Workers began their journey home filled with joy at the work God was doing in the village. They drove carefully down the wet roads, but after a while, the deep mud overpowered their vehicle, and they became helplessly stuck.

They had no cell service in the mountains, and no one was nearby to ask for help. So they prayed and waited. After six hours a good samaritan with a four-wheel drive vehicle and a tow cable helped to pull them out. They arrived home around 10pm, hungry and exhausted, but thankful that God had intervened and sent them help. What an amazing God we serve!

While we are grateful to see how God brought them out of this sticky situation, we can see how a 2-wheel drive vehicle is not the most practical for travel through the mountains. The Bible Workers can more easily drive motorcycles without getting stuck, but without a four-wheel drive truck or SUV, they cannot carry many people or supplies into the remote villages. We would like to help purchase a vehicle the Bible Workers can use to help expand their ministries in this area.

We estimate that purchasing a used vehicle will cost around $10,000 USD plus around $400-700 for a snorkel that will allow them to cross some of island’s many small rivers.

Please pray for God to provide this much-needed vehicle for these Bible Workers in the Philippines, and for the Bible Workers’ ministry in the mountains as well as the other islands in their territory.

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A JFA Bible Worker crosses a river on his motorcycle by raft.