A Life is Saved Through JFA Television Ministry

Raja, like so many people today, was suffering from depression. He had been a Christian for many years, but family and financial difficulties overwhelmed him, so that he could not feel at peace. His depression was so severe that late one night he decided he had had enough. He laid out everything he needed to end his life and his suffering, but before going through with his plan, he made one last attempt to forget his troubles by turning on the television. As he flipped though the channels, he saw the Jesus for Asia television program with Israel (the JFA India Director) preaching. 

God spoke to Raja’s heart and asked him to call the number listed on the screen. When Raja called, he was greeted by Israel’s mother, who usually answers the phone. She quickly realized the intensity of the situation as he sobbed out his story. She comforted him with verses and stories from the Bible until he finally calmed down.

He told her that the hardest time was 3 a.m., as he couldn’t sleep. He prayed all throughout the night, but something was stopping him from reading the God’s Word. She encouraged him to listen to God and His promises in the Bible so that he may be at peace. For the past few days they have been studying the Bible together at 3 a.m., and they have scheduled to continue doing so.

This is the impact that JFA Televison ministry has in India. It is not only saving lives spiritually, but also saving lives physically through the power of Jesus. Just a few days prior to the events of this story, Jon Wood, (JFA President) expressed concerns that the TV Ministry’s 6 a.m. time slot wasn’t worth its high cost, but soon after, the Lord made it abundantly clear that it was important, enough to save someone’s life even!

We have been praying for the funds to continue this crucial ministry. By God’s grace, people have been incredibly generous in helping us build a new TV studio, and we are over fifty percent of the way to our funding goal!

Because of this, we are choosing to step out in faith and begin building the new permanent TV studio in India. Please pray that God will continue to mightily use this TV studio to reach souls for eternity.