You need to clean your house this morning.

Mary (not pictured) woke up around 5am, like she did every day, to have devotion and prayer time before watching the JFA TV Ministry program that aired on a local station. That morning the topic was on the importance of keeping your body and your home clean.

Mary pondered the lesson as she took her dogs outside, and although she had not planned to clean her house that day, the impression that she should grew stronger until she decided to change her plans and clean first thing. She didn’t know why it was so important, but she could not deny the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

Mary began to clean her house, sweeping the floors, washing the windows, and tidying up any misplaced objects. When she got to her bedroom, she started to clean under her bed and came face to face with a large venomous snake. Mary jumped away screaming. How did that thing get in her house? Why didn’t her dogs, who normally barked at bugs on the floor, alert her to this huge creature?

Mary’s husband had just left for work and wouldn’t return for hours, but she did not feel safe leaving the snake in her house all day. She would have to kill it herself.

Terrified, Mary prayed for strength and gathered her courage, telling herself, this snake is Satan and she must end its life. She grabbed a nearby stick and whacked it, all the while crying out, “Jesus help me!”

After the snake stopped moving, Mary took the snake outside and burned it for good measure. 

Mary recently started helping out the TV ministry’s prayer warriors as they answer phone calls from viewers, pray with them, and give them Bible studies. She is excited to be working for God and sees this incidence as evidence that she is following God’s will. He protects His people from the attacks of the enemy.

Because Mary listened to God’s voice, even though it made little sense at the time, He protected her from the attack of the enemy. 

“Now that I am working for God,” Mary said, “Satan is troubling me and trying to scare me. It is only by God’s grace that me and my husband are alive.”

Because Mary listened to God’s voice, even though it made little sense at the time, He protected her from the attack of the enemy. He gave her a powerful testimony to share with those around her and the callers to the TV Ministry. 

The JFA TV Ministry airs a daily program on two channels in the Tamil language. These Bible study programs are broadcast to Tamil-speaking people both in India and surrounding countries. They have also started uploading their programs to YouTube so people can watch at any time. Since COVID-19, the ministry has had a large increase in callers asking for prayer or answers to spiritual questions. Many have accepted Jesus as their Savior and are excited to be baptized when COVID restrictions decrease. 

Please keep keep this invaluable ministry and its viewers in your prayers as God continues to speak to the hearts of the Indian people. If you would like to support the production and operating expenses of this ministry, please click the button below.