An auto rickshaw driver

Dinesh was the worst. At least according to most people. He spent half his earnings from his job as an auto rickshaw driver on alcohol. When he was drunk, which was often, he fought and cursed at his wife, and he even beat his own mother.

Dinesh was raised in a Hindu family, but at some point during his life, his mother learned about Jesus and became a Christian. As she learned more about the God who heals not only people’s diseases but their hearts as well, she began to cry out to Him on behalf of her son.

One day, Vasanthakumari and a couple other JFA Bible Workers visited Dinesh’s house and began talking to his mother. When Dinesh saw them, he told them to get out.

“Don’t you people have any other work to do?” he asked.

Distressed by her son’s rudeness, Dinesh’s mother advised him not to talk disrespectfully to those who do God’s work. “The Lord will punish you for mistreating them,” she said.

Dinesh scoffed at his mother’s warning and stalked out of the house.

Two days later, Dinesh got sick. He began vomiting up blood, and had to be taken to the hospital. No one except his mother showed him any sympathy. Some even cursed at him and told him to his face that they wished he’d die rather than living like the animal he was. Dinesh wept as he realized how people truly felt about him.

Dinesh’s mother brought the Bible Workers to visit him in the hospital. To his surprise, they actually acted like they cared about him, even after he had humiliated them. They lovingly asked how Dinesh was feeling, and they wept and prayed to the Lord to forgive him for mistakes and give him life.

As the Bible Workers prayed, Dinesh’s heart melted. He understood how much pain he had been causing others and he pleaded with the Lord, “I am a cruel sinner, please forgive my sins and heal me!”

Dinesh’s mother and his wife rejoiced as they heard this prayer. Afterward, Dinesh told his mother he wanted to attend the Bible Workers’ church.

Dinesh is still healing, but now he and his family are receiving regular Bible studies. He is asking for prayer that he will recover soon so he can start attending church. Praise be to the Lord Almighty for giving Dinesh his life back.

Our Bible Workers spend much of their time in earnest prayer for people like Dinesh who need a Savior.

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