Sponsor a Bible worker

Bible Workers are at the core of what Jesus for Asia stands for. 
They are vital for spreading the Gospel, because they already know
the local language and culture. They can meet the people’s
needs where they are.


God is raising up men and women living in Asia to be His ambassadors. These local Bible Workers have a passion to help the people in their nations understand Christ’s love through various ways. They pray for and minister to those who are sick. They help mothers and fathers value their children’s education and future development. They also have a deep burden to help people know and experience the love of Christ—just like they have experienced. Because these local Bible Workers were born and raised in the countries where they minister, they have few or no cultural barriers to overcome, so they can readily share the message of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard.

Enormous Advantage

It’s true that Bible Workers face obstacles when they endeavor to share the message of Jesus in communities. But they still have an enormous advantage over their coworkers from non-Asian lands. Today, more than 85 percent of Asian countries do not allow Western missionaries to minister freely. This restriction doesn’t apply to the many men and women the Lord has called to be local Bible Workers. When foreigners have to leave countries for various reasons, these brothers and sisters can stay and minister without interruption.

One with the People

In the eyes of the local people, the Bible Workers do not represent a foreign country because these men and women look and talk the same as them. Local Bible Workers grow up knowing their country’s culture and instinctively know the best ways to communicate the love of Jesus so people around them will understand. They’re sensitive to the needs of their neighbors and seek to represent Christ by their lives—showing that even though they are just like them, there’s a stark difference because of the hope they have in Jesus.

Able to Help

Local Bible Workers minister in a variety of places, from slums to rural villages to cities. Wherever they are sent to serve, the Lord shows them specific ways they can tangibly express His love and concern for the people. The Bible Workers want to help their fellow countrymen in need both spiritually and physically, and the Lord often uses them as a means of expressing His love to offer people a better eternity.

Cost Effective

The local Bible Workers live simply. They dwell in homes just like the homes of the local people. They eat the same food. They dress in the local styles. Most are able to live off $90–$240 a month depending upon the country in which they live.

Like Christ humbled Himself and became one with the people around Him, these men and women do the same, seeking to glorify Him through their lives.

A Significant Impact


The Bible Workers establish connections with people every day in Asia. Through their labor and love, we are seeing multitudes experience new life in Christ every year! But none of this has come easily to our brothers and sisters. These national missionaries are paying a high price of suffering, hardship, and persecution to see people come to know Jesus.

The 10/40 Window

Jesus for Asia-supported Bible Workers serve in Asia, part of which is within an area on the globe known as the 10/40 Window. This rectangular region stretches from West Africa to East Asia, from 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator. In this part of the world, millions live with little or no chance of ever hearing the Good News. Asia, specifically, has one of the highest densities of people living without knowing about Jesus Christ, and many of them die every day never hearing the Good News of a Savior who loves them and died for them.

Thousands of national brothers and sisters are ready to change that. They just need your help to become Bible Workers!


Jesus for Asia-supported missionaries are men and women who have a heart for serving God and who are eager to share the love of Christ in Asia. People are hearing the Gospel, many for the first time, and are accepting Jesus as their Savior. Churches are being established and re-opened. We praise God for the increase of His Kingdom, but we want even more people to hear the Gospel.

You can support the work of local Bible Workers and enable cities, towns, villages to experience Christ and all He has done for them.

By sponsoring A BIBLE WORKER, you will:

  • Make it possible for people who have never heard about Jesus to hear how much He loves them and how He wants them to have eternal life.
  • Enable men and women to minister in areas that may be difficult for Western missionaries to access.
  • Provide local Bible Workers with the resources they need to focus on sharing the Gospel full-time without needing to find other financial support which takes them away from Bible work.
  • Partner with an organization that has more than 15 years of experience ministering in Asia through local Bible Workers.

Each Bible Worker is a man or woman who already lives in Asia. They have been vetted by local leadership and are proven to have a heart for sharing the true Gospel. The following advantages make them ideal to minister throughout Asia:

  • They move freely in areas restricted to outsiders and are usually accepted in the communities.
  • They know the cultural taboos instinctively.
  • They have already mastered the language or can easily learn a related dialect.
  • They live in the community, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes and sharing the same cultural interests as the local people.
  • They have a passion and burden to serve their own people.

You have an opportunity to change lives in Asia for eternity. Many people die every day never hearing the Good News of Jesus. You can make a choice today that will forever change the lives of those who have yet to hear.


Thank you for making a choice today that will make an eternal impact on the lives of those who have yet to hear the Gospel.

Here are your next steps:

  • It only takes $90 a month to help enable a Bible Worker in India to serve full time and bring hope that can only be found in Christ to villages needing it.
  • As a sponsor of national missions, you are asked to pray regularly for your missionary. Your prayers are vital for the success of their work on the field.
  • You will receive updates that will keep you informed about the region your missionary is serving in. These regional updates will show you the ministries taking place and how lives are being touched and villages are being transformed.

How Sponsorship Works

  • By giving $90 per month to Jesus for Asia’s Bible Worker Program, you would be partnering with these missionaries and impacting Asia together with them.
  • As a Bible Worker sponsor, you are asked to pray regularly for the Bible Workers. Your prayers are vital for the success of their work on the field. Your prayers will make a significant difference in the lives of the JFA Bible Workers. It’s through your prayers that Bible Workers will see breakthroughs in their ministries. It’s through your prayers that people in the areas where they serve will come to realize the love of Christ. It’s through your prayers that these Bible Workers will be sustained and able to press on when hardships arise.
  • You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, stories, and prayer requests from JFA Bible Workers.

Can I write to my Bible Worker?

Because of security reasons and the enormous overhead it would create, we are unable to allow direct correspondence with Bible Workers Many may have little or no knowledge of English, and JFA does not have sufficient staff to translate personal letters. Most importantly, direct communication could severely hinder their work among the non-Christian communities and place their lives in danger.

Further Questions?

We’ll be happy to assist you. Call us at 423-413-7321


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