Life since COVID-19 has been different from normal, but our job as Christians remains the same: make disciples of all nations…. (Matthew 28:19)

Our Bible Workers in India have kept their focus on this task despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19. They have been working to share Jesus however they can, whether through personal meetings, phone calls or text messages.

Over the next few weeks, we would like to share a few short stories showcasing how God has been using these Bible Workers during this time. We hope you will find in them encouragement and inspiration to carry on God’s work in these trying times.

Phulmani’s story
God has been opening many doors for Phulmani to share Jesus. Phulmani has been visiting homes in her own village, teaching them songs and telling them Bible Stories. Many of the men in her village are alcoholics and they cause a lot of stress and problems for their wives. Phulmani has started a ministry to help ease the burdens of these women. Phulmani is also teaching them and other women in her village how to pray and how to read so they can read the Bible for themselves. Phulmani and her husband also frequently pray with sick people, and a small group has started worshipping at their home each Sabbath.

Solomon’s story

During India’s lockdown, Solomon has been visiting a small village in the jungle. Because the village is remote, he has more freedom to travel. He has been sharing the Adventist message with these villagers and now they are ready for baptism. He thanks God that these wonderful people have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.

Rakesh’s story

All the churches in Rakesh’s town have been closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Rakesh took the opportunity to invite some non-Adventist friends to worship at his home. Every Sabbath, they have been meeting to pray, fellowship, and share testimonies. Rakesh asks for prayers that the Holy Spirit will help these friends understand the everlasting Gospel.
Emanjoy’s story
People In india have been worried about how they will get enough food. As a solution, many people in Emanjoy’s village decided to make their own kitchen gardens. Emanjoy decided to help her neighbors with their gardens. The neighbors needed to make fences to keep pesky chickens, goats, and cattle from destroying their vegetables, so Emanjoy hiked with them into the forest to cut wood for the fences. While they were gathering the wood, building the fences, and planting seeds, Emanjoy had a wonderful time sharing stories about the true God. She shared the creation story, the fall into sin, and God’s love for humanity. The neighbors enjoyed listening to the stories, so Emanjoy invited them to come to church. She also offered to give them Bible studies. Please pray that they will choose to accept this invitation and seek after God.

If you would like to support these Bible Workers and others in their ministry to share Jesus’ love with the Indian people, you can do so by clicking the button below. It costs $90 to support one Bible Worker for a month, but gifts of any size are always appreciated.