Read parts one and two of our Bible Worker stories from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Amit’s story

Amit grabbed his cell phone, closed the door of his house, and hiked up the steep path to the top of the mountain on which he lived. When he reached the peak, Amit began to type prayers, Bible verses, and messages of encouragement to his friends and connections who lived in other villages. He pressed send, but the messages did not go through. He walked all over the mountain top, pointing his phone in different directions, until he finally got enough signal. 

During India’s country-wide lockdown, Amit was not allowed to travel to other villages like he usually did for his job as a Bible Worker. It was not easy for Amit to contact these other villagers, since his own village had no internet connection, but he would not let his country’s restrictions stop him from sharing Jesus with these people. Their souls were too valuable to God, and to himself, to let go.

Amit also decided to start reaching out to people in his own village. He shared a book with a group of more than 15 people, written in the local language, about the history of God’s church. They began gathering together to read the book and learn from him. 

“You must stop teaching these beliefs…if you do not, bad things will happen to you.”

The more they read, the more interested they became, and they started asking a lot of questions. These questions opened the doors for Amit to teach them about the state of the dead, the Godhead, salvation, the Sabbath, the second coming, the sanctuary and so on. 

The devil was not happy that all these people were interested in Jesus, and he was determined to try and stop them. He stirred up anger in the hearts of local church leaders from other denominations, and they sought out Amit and threatened him.

“You cannot give these Bible studies any longer,” the leaders told Amit. “You must stop teaching these beliefs and taking away our church members. If you do not, bad things will happen to you.”

But Amit chose to listen to the Word of God rather than the word of men. He continued giving the Bible studies until they were finished, and six people out of the group chose to accept Jesus as their Savior and were baptized.

The newly baptized members

Bible Workers like Amit face many obstacles to spreading the Gospel, whether from the environment, or from others, but with God’s help, they continue to give their all each day so their people can know the true God. Please pray for the Bible Workers’ ministries, and that those causing obstacles, like the other church leaders, will come to accept God fully. 

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