This June, Robert and Kasey Norton, missionaries in Thailand, added three new children to their already large family.

The Norton family moved to Thailand less than a year ago. They did not know exactly what they would be doing, but were impressed to enlarge their tent (as Isaiah 54:2 says) to make room for unwanted and unloved children.

Within a month and a half of moving to Thailand, The Nortons were asked to take in two siblings from the Bangkok Slums. They couldn’t speak Thai, and the kids couldn’t speak English, but they knew God was leading.

Wind, age 10

Sky, age 9

At first, the two children, nicknamed Wind and Sky, did not know how to be loved. They struggled with past pain and anger. Over time, God’s healing love and the Norton’s care have brought great changes in their lives and they have become happy members of the family.

Now, Guav, Fahsai, and Jing have joined the Norton family as well.

Before coming to the Norton’s siblings Guav and Fahsai had never lived together. In fact, they don’t even speak the same language. Guav speaks Thai, but Fahsai speaks the native language of her home village. All three kids come from poor families who cannot give them the loving home they need. 

Kasey Norton, shared, “our new little people are doing amazingly well! The adjustment with them has been much easier than our first go-round. I think we knew better what to expect, but we also know a bit more Thai, which helps… God has been gracious, and while we’re dead on our feet by evening, He is sustaining us and we’re grateful to have each of these kids.”

The Nortons would like to find a larger property so the kids have adequate room to sleep, eat, study, and of course play.

They have been praying about joining forces with the Bauders, whose adopted daughter Praew is Wind and Sky’s half sister, to register their ministry as an official children’s home and school. 

Please keep the Nortons in your prayers as they search for a larger home and expand their ministry. 

You can learn more about the Norton family’s ministry and get updates on Kasey’s blog, Walking Redeemed, and on Facebook.

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