It is very hard to live in a foreign country and not be able to communicate.  We are here to be missionaries but cannot tell people how much Jesus loves them in words.  In America, I loved being a Bible worker and explaining the deeper subjects of the Bible to people.  Here, I began to feel like that part of me was dying.

Yet God heard my heart’s cry and placed Yeshap (16), Mother, and David (14) on our street to live about a year and a half ago.

This family had fled Pakistan after their home was burned down because they were Christians. 

They came in on a 30 day visa almost 6 years ago. They try to go unnoticed by the Thai police because they are technically here illegally while waiting for the UN to give them Asylum status. God led them to an apartment at the end of our road.

William, the father, is a math teacher and is currently in a detention center for refugees. It has been over 16 months since this family has seen their father. It is not an easy life for them here

They rely on other Christians to provide for them while they wait because they are not allowed to get a normal job. Many of the Christians here are Filipino, working to send money back home to their own needy families in the Philipines, so there is not much left over for the Pakistani Christians. Asylum Seekers, as they are called, scrape and save every little donation they get through the month to pay for food, rent, and electricity, hoping and praying everyone stays healthy so there are not any unexpected medical expenses.

We are able to help them with weekly food costs, and help do things like cook beans for them in our pressure cooker because it is cheaper than them paying to run the electricity at their apartment, and occasionally we have helped with rent when they did not have enough, but we are on a tight budget too. For $200 a month, their rent, electricity, and miscellaneous expenses (soap, shampoo, etc.) would be covered. Please prayerfully consider giving to them this coming year! Imagine if you were in their position. How would you want to be treated?

Almost upon arriving back home in Bangkok this summer, we started Friday night Bible studies with the family. Brian has been so kind as to put the boys to bed allowing me to lead the group without distractions. We started in the Beatitudes and all really enjoyed it for a few months. Then Yeshap asked one day, why are there so many different Christian religions?  I asked her if she was interested in studying Daniel and learning more about Bible prophecy. Both her and David were excited. They know their Bible so well and are quick learners. We commenced with a chapter by chapter study of Daniel. Last week we went through the study on the Antichrist and Yeshap’s response was, “Wow! It is so clear.”  It has been a blessing to watch this family eager to learn and grow.

They are not just refugees to us, they are our friends, our family. Please keep their situation, financial needs, case with the UN, and their father in the detention center, and our Bible study in prayer! Most refugees placed in the detention center are willing to give up the fight to escape persecution and just return to Pakistan defeated. This is their father’s second round there. The first time lasted two years and he is closing in on another 2 years. I say this only to give you an idea of the strength of character and amount of fight he has in his heart. There is nothing to go back to Pakistan for. He wants a better life for his children and believes God does too.

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