In the previous newsletter, Jessica told about how God opened the door for her to share Him with her neighbors. This fulfilled her desire to be able to communicate and share truth with someone.  When living in America, she had ministered as a Bible worker, and had enjoyed this very much. Now she continues her story…

We had another Pakistani man,*Ehsan, contact us about 6 months ago saying they were in desperate need of food. This family had never asked us before for anything and we felt we needed to help. We went to the market before heading to their place. Of course we had to go in to visit. They live in an apartment owned by a Seventh-Day Adventist man, and the SDA church they attend is attached to the building. I’m not sure how long they’ve been attending, but I would guess close to 2 years. They had nothing but nice things to say about SDAs.  Read more….

After asking some background questions I came to find out that Ehsan is actually a Catholic. I asked him if he had any questions about Seventh-day Adventist. He told me, “Yes! I have many questions but nobody to ask or talk to.” Most of the church members are Thai, some might speak English as a second language, but this creates a problem for both parties. Plus, this church’s pastor, Joe, was raised in the “ultra conservative” Chinese SDA church, so he pretty much rebels against most of our doctrines. However, he is still in the church and very community service minded. That may also be another reason Ehsan doesn’t know much about what we believe. Either way, I told him I could do Bible studies with him and try to answer some of his questions. Ehsan got so excited! He was very interested, as were his 3 brothers and their families, who all live in the same building. So here are 4 families just waiting to learn more about the Bible! Their English is good enough to hold a conversation, but I wondered if they would be able to understand deep spiritual topics? So I started praying about what to do.

Then I met the infamous Pastor Joe, I had heard so much about him at a church camp meeting. I walked up and invited him to our table at dinner, because I wanted to get to know him better. After hearing his testimony, I got to share with him about the 4 families in his church wanting Bible studies. I told him that I wanted to do an evangelistic series type Bible study with Ehsan and his family, but since their studio apartments would be too small I needed his permission to use the church. He told me, “Great! Anytime you want the church, it’s yours. You are free to do any type of series there!”

God is doing great things with Jesica’s life! Remember the family from Pakistan we introduced you to last newsletter. We told you that the father is being held in detention waiting for the UN to grant the family asylum status.  The mother and two teenage children come to Bible study every Friday night.  They started studying the Beatitudes and enjoyed that for a couple months.  Then they started asking deeper questions like, “Why are there so many different Christian churches?” “What happens when we die?” and, “What about the judgment?” Not normal questions from typical teenagers, but that’s because these young people are very special. Now, Jessica will finish sharing how God is using both these situations to come together to spread truth in darkness.

God impressed me with the idea of using Yashap and her brother David to translate the Bible studies for Ehsan and his family. They can speak perfect English, and are very bright. They have been/are still in the midst of a very trying life. Yashap has shared how God has brought about a true conversion since being here in Thailand. I believe David is on his way, he has told me how he’s prayed asking to know God. He enjoys our weekly Bible studies, and shares how he’s learning so much! It’s been so awesome to watch them learn and grow.

Please pray for them, that they will come to accept the Sabbath. Keeping the Sabbath is a huge test for them. They know it matters and that they should be keeping it, but they have one school class on Sabbath mornings.  This is creating a huge conflict for them right now.

Since the beginning of our studies, I have really stressed that God needs missionaries and that He’s coming back soon. I told them about Ehsan and his family, and how God gave me the idea of having them translate for a series. David immediately said, “I’ll do it. I’ll be your translator.” Yashap said, “I want to help my community. I’ll do it too.” We are going to do a simple introductory to Christianity series over their Spring Break. It will cover, how to have a relationship with God, how to pray, health, and probably the Blueprint/Sanctuary message by Ivor Myers. It will be good practice for us to get used to working together as a team. Then during their summer break we plan to do a full evangelistic series.  Still setting up many details, but really want the All Asia studio to come down and film so it can be put on Facebook Live.  Then other Pakistani families can tune in, because many of them won’t be able to attend. These poor families just sit at home all day on the internet, I think they would all totally watch something in the Urdu language.

The best part of all this is how David and Yashap are seeing that God has a plan and purpose for them. I pray they surrender to Him completely, and continue to follow His will for their lives. I’m really praying Yashap will help translate some materials into Urdu for us.

Thousands of families come to Thailand seeking refuge, but get denied by the UN or give up waiting and return to Pakistan.  I cast the vision, “What if God is bringing all these Pakistani families to Thailand to learn the truth about the End Times? White Christian missionaries aren’t allowed in Pakistan. How will this message get there? What if these families can go back to Pakistan, and instead of feeling defeated, can share the truth with many others there. I pray they understand that they are on a mission, Jesus is coming soon, and He wants to use them to tell many people so many can be saved. I believe God is holding them here safely.  Safe from physical harm in Pakistan and safe from spiritual danger in “Christian” countries where worldly influences, they don’t understand and don’t see coming would sweep them away.

This family needs just $200 a month to take care of all their expenses.  Lets work together and share our blessings with them, showing them that God hears, loves them and is taking care of them.  Give here


*name changed for safety