Jesus For Asia Television Ministry in India is currently filming their Bible study programs in a local Adventist church, but it requires constant set up and take down, as the church only has one room at their disposal. This results in poorer productions as well as many hours wasted on moving equipment. They have to rent almost all of their equipment which drives up monthly operating costs.

The Television Ministry is also planning to start a 24/7 streaming channel (similar to MissionTV), but before they can take this crucial next step, they need dedicated space to film, their own cameras, and a more robust computer system.

The church they are currently filming in has offered to let us build a small studio on their roof. This is a wonderful blessing because land in India is too expensive to build a studio in another location. Our goal is to raise $18,000 to build JFA Television Ministry a new TV studio and give them their own film and editing equipment. 

In order to accomplish this goal, we are creating a new project funding layout. Each donation will be translated to the size of the wall being built. Each three dollar donation will supply one block (including building expenses, equipment expenses, ect.) In total, the studio will require 6,000 blocks. Below, you will find specific donation amounts, or at the bottom of the page you may donate any amount the Lord places on your heart.

In addition, you will have the choice of accepting our thank you gifts in order to remind you to keep the Jesus for Asia TV project in your prayers!


India tv studio goal progress

The Cinderblock

While one concrete brick might not seem like much, each brick you donate = one brick closer to a finished project. 

  • You will be added to our special TV-studio-donors-only email list. which includes:
    • Advance updates of project progress
    • exclusive images, stories and interviews from JFA Television Ministry


With 10 bricks, we can build one row on the back or the front of the studio.

  • You will receive a special thank you from Israel, Jesus for Asia director in India, and JFA Television Ministry founder. 
  • All previous gifts.


With 50 bricks we can build a row on one of the studio’s side walls. 

  • You will recieve a special commemorative magnet to remind you of the part you had in building the tv studio in India!
  • All previous gifts. 


With 100 bricks, we can build one row all the way around the studio.

  • We will send you a printed photograph of the JFA Television Ministry Staff/Volunteers.
  • All previous gifts.


With 250 bricks, we can build two and a half rows around the studio.

  • You will be given a tiny carved Indian elephant to remind you of all work that needs done in India. 
  • All previous gifts.


With 500 bricks we can build the whole front or back end of the TV studio.

  • You will be given your choice of either a scarf or prayer mat from India, to remind you to keep Jesus for Asia in your daily prayers!
  • All previous gifts. 


With 1000 Bricks, we can build both ends of the TV studio or ten rows around the studio. 

  • You will receive an invitation* to the TV studio’s grand opening ceremony, and will have your name engraved on a plaque on the studio to commemorate what God has done through you!
  • All previous gifts. 

Any Amount

Please consider donating and amount that the Lord lays on your heart!