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When Srikala and a couple other Bible Workers came to Joseph’s house and offered his family Bible studies, Joseph’s wife was excited. She eagerly listened to the stories they told about Jesus and the wonderful truths found in the Bible. Joseph on the other hand didn’t care. He sat with his wife during the studies, but he never really listened.

One night, Joseph started to feel sick, so he took some cough syrup and sleeping pills before heading to bed. He hoped he would feel better after getting some rest. 

The next morning, around 8am, Joseph was still asleep when his phone rang. He stretched out to grab his phone and answer it, but, still groggy from his sleeping pills, Joseph fell out of bed, hit his head, and instantly passed out. 

Later, Joseph’s daughter-in-law came to his room to find something and gasped as she saw him lying on the floor with blood streaming down his face. Joseph’s family took him to the hospital where he was given six stitches. 

Joseph still felt horrible when he was released from the hospital, so the next day, Srikala and the other Bible Workers came and prayed for him. They prayed in tears for Joseph every day until he recovered.

Joseph is thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for protecting him from a much more serious injury. The Bible Workers have continued to give Bible studies to Joseph’s family, but now he listens and participates. Joseph is happy the Bible Workers have helped him understand true worship. and he is now attending church each Sabbath with his family.

Please keep Joseph and his family in your prayers, as well the others our Bible Workers are witnessing to. God is eager to to show them His love and grace like He showed Joseph. 

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