Cambodia: The Howells

The Howells have been working in Cambodia and loving it!

The Howell Family, along with three other teenagers, went to Cambodia in January. The plan was for the young people to teach and the Howells to work with the Cambodian Adventist Mission to start the building process of the new Adventist Boarding Academy.

Lloyd and Natalie spent their time working on the initial process of building the Cambodia Boarding Academy. They have also learned much about what it will be like to live in Cambodia full time. That is their future plan. 


Soon after their arrival, schools were closed because of the pandemic and they are still closed today. The three teenagers and the Howell girls have been working with the children in the orphanage and staff children at Wat Preah Yesu. They have worked on the farm, spent a lot of time with the children, and taught Bible, health, English and Math. The children told them that foreigners have never made them feel more loved. 

They feel God calling them back to Cambodia to be full time missionaries. Please pray for them and consider giving, to help them get back to their mission field. 

Due to COVID-19, the Cambodian government has put some new policies in place for those entering their country. They are requiring all persons coming in to have $2000, above the cost of plane tickets and visas, for COVID testing, hotel cost during quarantine, food, and treatment if necessary.  With these new policies it presents a bigger challenge for the Howell’s to get back. It will take approximately $20,000 to get their family of four back to the mission field in Cambodia.