Miranda Lundby is pursuing her Master’s degree in Education with the goal of building the first Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy in Cambodia! Many young people in Cambodia leave the church in their high school years because they have no Adventist school to attend. This fund helps support Miranda as she studies and labors to make this dream a reality.

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Miranda Lundby is a young missionary from Montana. She is currently working on her Master’s in Education while serving as a missionary in Cambodia.

Since she was a small girl, Miranda has had a passion for spreading the Gospel to the unreached through education.

Cambodia is in need of quality higher education in their own native language. At present there is only one Adventist academy that teaches in Khmer, and it is at full capacity. All other Adventist academies teach in English. There are several “Read and Feed” schools in place in Cambodia through ASAP (Adventist Southeast Asia Project) that teach elementary students about Jesus, but after about sixth or seventh grade they are lost again to the world because there is no Adventist academy to send them to where they can be taught in their own language.

We are told in the book Education p. 16 that “Redemption…is the object of education.” It is stated in Ms 103b, 1899, “If the ensign of truth can be lifted in educational institutions and in sanitariums for the sick, in the islands of the sea and in many countries, more would be accomplished in bringing souls to the truth than can be accomplished by all other methods that can be devised.”

Cambodia is a poor and war torn country that is in need of the hope that only the Gospel of Christ can give. A very effective way to reach the millions in need is to educate and disciple the Cambodians themselves to spread the Gospel. This education needs to be carried out in their own language!

Miranda has spent much time learning the Khmer language and is currently teaching english in a remote village along the MeKong River and living with a native family. She is also spearheading the establishment of an Adventist boarding academy in the area of Battambang for the Cambodian Adventist Mission and is fundraising through Jesus For Asia. This academy will teach in Khmer, the language of Cambodia.

We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with God to fulfill the dream that He has put on the heart of this young missionary girl as well as the hearts of those at the Cambodia Adventist Mission–that of bringing souls to the truth through education.

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