SALT Ministries is an incarnational, faith-based ministry located outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. They run an orphanage with over 100 kids, a K-12 school and a television studio. Recently they have been working on opening up Butterfly Garden, which will take advantage of the many tourists visiting the area, and support for the orphanage.

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SALT Ministries operates in Cambodia working together with the Cambodia Adventist Mission and other Seventh-day Adventist supporting ministries to advance God’s work on Cambodian soil and beyond. The strategy is to share the love of God through service based ministry and then help the respondents to grow in Christ and productivity for God’s Kingdom. This is done primarily through a growing number of schools targeting primarily Adventist children, through Butterfly Paradise Orphanage, and the multi-media productions from SALTCAM Media.

SALT Ministries currently operates Kantrok Adventist School, offering grades K-12 with a strong vocational training emphasis and a bilingual curriculum to a student population of 305. The school also provides boarding facilities for  74 Adventist children. There are also two small primary feeder schools, which operate in Siem Reap Province with the plan to add a third in 2017.

Butterfly Paradise Orphanage, formerly Wat Preah Yesu Children’s Home, is home to 105 children. The orphanage located on the 40 acre Wat Preah Yesu Campus located in Siem Reap Town.

SALTCAM Media produces evangelistic, and health related videos in the Khmer language to help Cambodian Christians grow in faith and lead others to a faith in Jesus Christ. Ellen G. White book translation is also undertaken with the publishing rights being given to the Cambodia Adventist Mission. Graphics projects and video recording of conference presentations for church entities are also a part of what SALTCAM Media staff produce.

The Wat Preah Yesu campus is home to the Sombua Adventist Church, where three simultaneous worship services are held each Sabbath morning at 8am.

SALT Ministries has operated since 1996 as a faith based ministry. By God’s grace, Butterfly Paradise, a butterfly garden aimed at generating income through tourism, will open in 2017 and shift SALT Ministries from be faith based to self supporting.

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