We are taking 10 teams for evangelism in 10 villages in South India in January, 2020. We want to open an evening school at each of the churches we hold a series at. Here are some statistics of the kids’ lives currently:

  • • 30-100 children live in each village.
  • • 70% or more of adults are illiterate in most villages. Some villages are completely illiterate.
  • • Most Adults are farmers or day laborers.
  • • Most children receive one meal at school, and sometimes a second small meal at home.

Each school costs about $450 to start the school and about $250 per month to keep it going. Opening includes purchasing plates and bowls and silverware and a stove and cookware. Ongoing expenses include the food and salaries for the principle, teacher, and cook.

These schools are long-term evangelism, with Christ being shown day in and day out.

Any donations exceeding start up cost will be used for their monthly expenses.

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