These funds support the daily needs of the orphanage and ensure all of the children have a safe, healthy place to live.

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With over 25 million orphans in India, having projects that put James 1:27 into practice is a must! Bethel Children’s Home in India is located in the district of Tamil Nadu and was home to over 20 children. Many of them have heart-wrenching stories about how they came to be at our orphanage.

A year ago, state government officials came to our orphanage and threatened to shut it down if certain requirements were not met. The requirements are very strict and the financial outlay required to meet them has forced many other organizations to close down their orphanages. By God’s grace the property is still operating, however, we have been unable to meet the requirements in time and the officials have removed the children!

We have great hope that the children will be returned as the requirements are met! In order to make things easier and reduce government scrutiny we have decided to turn the property into a school. Schools fall under a different arm of the government and the regulations are not nearly as strict. Our vision is to be able to house orphans as boarding students and allow non-Christian students to attend as day students!

Here is what we currently need:

Please use the links below to contribute directly to these needs.



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