Suggested Donation: $5.00

Use the Self-Denial Bank to help teach children self-sacrifice and generosity towards others. The banks are free, but if the Lord impresses you please provide a donation so we can continue to have these available. It costs about $5.00 per bank to manufacture and ship them.

*If you would like to request more than 10 please contact us to arrange it.

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This project was started by James and Mary Ann Wood to help children in India.

We call it a “self-denial bank” because we want parents and teachers to use it to help children learn how to think of others instead of themselves. If a parent is shopping with his/her children and the children are desiring to have a candy or a toy, the parent can remind them of the self-denial bank and give the children the choice to take the money that would have been spent on themselves and give it to the children in India.

These banks also work great as a spare change drop which can then be donated to support children in India.

We do not charge to send one of these banks to you, but if you feel impressed please make a donation to the Saving the Lives project so we can continue to have these available. Please remember that shipping outside the United States can be very expensive.