Indonesia is a collection of islands. 17,508 islands to be exact. How will the Gospel go to all those people disconnected by miles of open ocean? Satellite is the best way as it covers all the islands in the national language of Bahasa, which people in Malaysia can also understand. And it only costs $10/hour to operate the satellite and produce programs that reach the heart of the people.

Only $10/hour!

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Indonesia Satellite Outreach

Indonesia is a collection of 17,508 islands! Many of them have no Adventist church, no missionary. It’s hard to get there. But satellite can cover all the islands all the time!

Ramon and Shandy Tengkano sold everything they had to build a TV studio and satellite uplink station for the sake of broadcasting the Three Angels’ Message to all Indonesia and Malaysia! They have a passion for the Spirit of Prophecy and advocate the benefits of a simple, healthy lifestyle. And they should know the benefits!

Ramon and Shandy had it all, everything you could hope for in this world. But there was a void in their life; a life full of things, but spiritually empty. Though he had grown up in the church, he never really grasped Christ. He and his wife, Shandy, prayed that God would reveal Himself to them. Jesus’ parable of the man who found a treasure in a field, sold everything he had and purchased that field was a point of confusion for Ramon. He asked the Lord to prove this story in his own life. God in His love revealed to Himself to them, and much of that came when they embraced a life of service to others.

They sold everything and built a TV studio and satellite uplink. Now they live week to week by faith – praying and clinging to God’s promises to provide. They used to be rich in this world’s goods but now they are rich toward God – and rich in joy. Their money is gone and now it is our turn to do our part to support this high-impact ministry to all of Indonesia and Malaysia where nearly 300,000,000 people live. 

The cost of the satellite that reaches the entire country, plus production of programs in Bahasa language is only $10 per hour!

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