Even though the church in the Philippines is well established and growing, there are hundreds of millions of people that still haven’t heard the 3 Angels message. Media is the cheapest, most effective way to spread the word. Local Filipino teams are producing content for Television and Radio, so the costs are low. Your contribution to this fund will enable these teams to go forward.

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Philippines Media Outreach

HCBN is one of the media projects in the Philippines. Run by volunteers on a small stipend, it is dedicated to sharing God’s love and the knowledge of Christ’s imminent return throughout the  7,500 islands of the Philippines through television, radio, and the internet. They produce weekly programs in the TV studio and air them on cable channels as well as over the internet. At one time we were broadcasting on satellite, covering all of the Philippines but the costs were prohibitive. We dream some day of doing that again.


In September of 2008, just after hurricane Frank ravaged the area killing almost 5000 people, Jon Wood, President of Jesus for Asia, visited Iloilo on the island of Panay to start a video studio. He conducted a week of training and out of that training JFA hired 3 people where were the core of the work. He also designed the studio that they are using and the work is still ongoing today with many productions in the studio and many people coming to Christ through these broadcasts.