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Our project in Mindoro is bringing light to tribes in the mountains who are locked in superstition. They provide education and food for the children and show them a God who is the strong and kind. Since they have been doing this the mortality rate of the young people have been drastically reduced. The problem the ministry leaders are having is that all their vehicles have died and they have a hard time getting the food to the people. They are riding bicycles now. They would like this basic van which can haul 20 people at a time including driver, gets great gas mileage, and is brand new. It can also haul a lot of food for the kids.

A donor called recently and told us that they had received an inheritance of $10,000 and were thinking of buying a new car since theirs has over 100,000 miles but they watched the show on 3ABN and their hearts were touched with the need of the children in Mindoro and so they decided to put up the money as a matching grant.

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