Daniel and Tesha Bair live in Chiang Mai, Thailand with their four children: Natanyah, Nathaniel, Nehama, and Nehemiah. The Bairs are directing the Love for Asia Foundation, which supports media evangelism in Thailand. They believe in the power of communication for giving the Gospel to the people of Thailand, which are becoming more connected to media every day.

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Daniel and Tesha Bair always had a desire in their hearts to be missionaries. This common interest brought them together, and the desire only grew stronger after they were married. During a FaithCamp meeting, hosted by Jesus for Asia, their soul began to burn within them upon hearing the statistics presented by Jon Wood, President of Jesus for Asia.

Learning that there are billions of people in the world who have not heard of Jesus, the majority of whom live in Asia, was the impetus needed for Daniel and Tesha to leave their jobs as an IT manager and registered nurse, and move to Thailand. God has been leading them ever since!


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