Brian and Jessica Atwell are full-time missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand. They are working on building a Center of Influence to share the health message and love of Jesus with the people of Bangkok.

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The population of Thailand is over 67 million and even though the Christian church has been working in the country since the 1500’s less than 1% of the population is Christian. When we zoom in a little closer we find that 60% of the Christians in Thailand live in the Northern provinces and hill-tribes. This is not surprising as that is where the majority of the missionary work is being done, while very little work is being done in the cities.

When Brian and Jessica Atwell learned of these shocking statistics they strongly felt the call of the Lord to sell everything and move to Bangkok. They arrived not exactly sure what God wanted them to do, but dedicated their time to prayer and language study until He made it clear. It was a difficult year and a half, but a very necessary one. As they made friends and learned about the culture of the Thai people, they realized just how important personal relationships are in winning souls for Christ. Only when a connection was made could the amazing truths of God be shared.

Now, God has opened the door to build a Center of Influence in Bangkok, which will feature a healthy juice and smoothie shop, restaurant, fitness center, and classrooms for seminars, English language classes, and Bible studies. It will also serve as a house church on Sabbaths.

Funds donated through this project go to support the Atwells’ living expenses in Thailand. If you are interested in learning about the Center of Influence, click here

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