Bible Workers are invaluable in reaching the many thousands of towns and villages across India. Being able to speak the language and already understanding the culture, these dedicated workers meet the people on their level. They travel to villages and pray with the people, provide Bible studies, and develop committed groups of believers that stay committed long term.

You can fully sponsor the wage of a Bible Worker in Thailand for only $240/month!

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Enormous advantages of national Bible workers:

  • They don’t have to buy an airplane ticket to get there.
  • They are able to mingle without being easily noticed.
  • They are intimately familiar with the culture.
  • A national Bible workers can be sent out at a fraction of the cost of a Western missionary.
  • They already know the language.
  • They are accustomed to living in local conditions.
  • In the eyes of the locals, national Bible Workers do not represent a foreign country or a strange religion.

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