Rodney and Phimpha work tirelessly to share the love of Jesus to any who come to them seeking help. Their main work is caring for children from abusive backgrounds, some even victims of child trafficking. Their great faith in God is an inspiration to us and they desperately need supporters.

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Timothy House

Rodney and his wife Phimpha operate “The Timothy House” where they care for about 20 children. Phimpha is a Thai national and the Director of the “Love and Care Project.” She worked on her own for many years taking in children, and helping the poor and the oppressed God sent to her.

God put Rodney and Phimpha together in 2007 and shortly after their marriage they started the “Love and Care Project Foundation.” Though “Love and Care” is predominantly for children they do what they can to help all who come to them. Most of the children come from an abusive backgrounds and their stories are as varied as their personalities. To all these Rodney and Phimpha show the love of Christ, and slowly, the children heal and return to their child like nature.