Invest in a Car for Josh and Chitlada Bauder, ministering in a slum in Bangkok. They were riding their motorbike to the slum when a small pothole grabbed their front tire and threw them to the ground in the path of oncoming traffic. We believe a car would be safer for them to travel and that they are worth it. 🙂

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We praise God and thank you that Josh and Chitlada Bauder were able to purchase a used car for the safety of their growing family. They had to borrow some money and it cost more than we were hoping but it's only a few years old and should give them many years of reliable, safe service. They had been relying on their motorbike for traveling and recently were involved in a bad accident where they each thought the other had been killed. Fortunately, they only received scratches and bruises but this served to highlight the need for a car in a city where more than 8 people die every day on motorbikes alone. Josh and Chitlada are leading the Jesus4SlumKids project in the On Nut Slum in Bangkok. This slum was featured in the television show "I Want This City," episode 4, "Service is the Link."