Each red dot represents an unreached people group! The purpose of this fund is to create a pool of resources, which will enable us to create a specific strategy for reaching each of these people groups! We are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the unreached!

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In order to reach all of these people groups, we need to:

  • learn about them and their culture
  • learn their language
  • live with them
  • translate the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy into their language
  • and discover the footsteps God has already made among them

The goal for the Unreached People Seed Fund is to provide the means to do all these things. We need people who are willing to go, but those people will need financing and support. This fund will help establish a foundation of support that will allow us to provide missionaries into these unreached groups the support they need.

We are working on selecting one or two people groups which we work on entering first. From there the work will be expanded. Please pray that God will impress on our minds the groups he is desiring us to focus on!