The Howell Family: Lloyd, Natalie, Danielle, and Alysa, left to serve as missionaries in Cambodia in January 2020. They have been working with Miranda Lundby and the Cambodia Adventist Mission to help build an Adventist boarding academy, a desperate need for the fledgling church. They are also helping to train the teachers who will work at the academy when it is finished. They are asking for your prayers and financial support as they serve their Master in Cambodia.

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The Howell Family plus three other teenagers, Seforah Fish, Larissa Clubb, and Stanley Qahaar Jr. need help to get home from Cambodia. They have purchased tickets three times and each time the flights have been canceled. The money for these tickets could take up to two months to be refunded. We learned about their need and want to help them. Currently, they can purchase tickets for $1200 each. That makes the total need $7200. Plus they need some additional funds to cover hotel and airport transfers once they arrive in the US. Please pray for them to return home safely.

If you can help with the travel expenses, you can donate to their fund above.

The embassy offered to loan them the money for tickets on the condition of giving up their passports until the loan was repaid. We really don’t want to see them take out a government loan and lose access to their passports.

If you were at FaithCamp East last fall, you met the Howell Family. They were introduced as one of the families preparing to launch. You can read about that here.

The Howell Family, along with three other teenagers, went to Cambodia in January. The plan was for the young people to teach and the Howells to work with the Cambodian Adventist Mission to start the building process of the new Adventist Academy.

Soon after their arrival, schools were closed because of the pandemic and they are still closed today. The three teenagers and the Howell girls have been working with the children in the orphanage and staff children at Wat Preah Yesu. They have worked on the farm, spent a lot of time with the children, and taught the Bible, health, English, and Math. The children told them that foreigners have never made them feel more loved.

Lloyd and Natalie spent their time working on the initial process of building the Cambodian Adventist Academy. They have also learned much about what it will be like to live in Cambodia full time. That is their future plan.

When they left for Cambodia, they were planning to return home this summer to bring the three teenagers home to their parents. They were supposed to be back by June 30 since that is when their temporary custody expires.

Please keep them in prayer.