JFA Evening Schools

As you may have heard, we went to Erode, Tamil Nadu, in January, 2020 to do evangelism. We helped the local church leadership revive ten churches in the area. We have started evening schools in each church as a way to continue the work after we leave. God has blessed immensely by providing all the funds needed to open all ten schools. 

Jesus for Asia now has twenty evening schools. At these evening schools, teachers tutor the children in standard subjects and Bible. They learn songs, memory verses, and the importance of the one true God. For some children, this is the only education they get, as the government school teachers don’t always show up for a class or take great care to teach them. 

After class time, the children receive a healthy meal before going home. This meal is usually the only nutritious food the children will receive. This is a small way we can help combat malnutrition, which is too common in this part of the world. 

We pray these evening schools will be a huge blessing to the church members in Erode and the community. Through these evening schools we can fill the needs these children have for nutritious food and good education and continue the spread of the Gospel throughout these villages.

Inside the Villages

Jonathan and Hannah Hill, our foreign correspondents, along with Israel Prasad, JFA India Director, have surveyed the churches in Erode and their surrounding areas to see how the local people live and what their needs are.

Here’s What They Found In The Villages:

  • 30-100 children live in each village.
  • Government schools are available, but some are far away and do not cover all grades.
  • Most, but not all children go to school.
  • 70% or more of adults are illiterate in most villages. Some villages are completely illiterate.
  • Most Adults are farmers or day laborers.
  • Most children receive one meal at school, and sometimes a second small meal at home.


Since God has provided the initial funds to open these schools we now need to make sure they can remain open by having the monthly operating cost covered.

$7 a month, per child, will cover the cost of food, materials, and the teachers’ stipends. Please join us in praying that we will find the right people to lead these new schools and that they will be a huge blessing to the church members in Erode and the community!


Effects On The Community

The effects of the evening school on the life of a child are visible throughout their daily routine. What they learn goes with them when they leave the schoolroom.

Malnutrition is a very real danger in these villages. The food provided at the evening schools will be a big step in helping these children get the nutrients they need to be healthy.

Evening schools provide a great opportunity for children to learn about God and His love for them. They can share this knowledge with their family and community.

Join Us In prayer

Please pray with us that God will send the right teachers and leaders to support this ministry, and that He will provide the necessary funds to keep these schools running.

Get involved

Become a personal sponsor for a child and ensure that their much needed spiritual and physical needs are met. The cost is just $7 a month per child.

If personal sponsorship is not an option, get your Sabbath School class, book club, Bible study group, etc. involved! Adopt a school as a group and send in a monthly/quarterly offering to help cover the operating costs. If you would like to adopt a school, email us at info@jesus4asia.org for more information.