God is continuing to bring the vision for the Norton Family’s ministry in Sukhothai, Thailand into focus! They recently rented a building for a center of influence, and now God is answering their prayers for a new home and ministry property.  

The Robbie and Kasey Norton were blessed with their current home when they first arrived in Sukhothai, but as they added six more kids to their family, they realized they needed a place with more green space where the kids can run, play, and learn from God’s book of nature.

After praying and searching for months, and finding everything too expensive, God led them to a property that more than fulfills the needs they have been praying for!

The nearly-ten-acre property sits in the country, 25 minutes outside the center of influence, where they will be teaching English lessons, starting the city’s first church plant, and reaching out into the community. It has three houses and a guest house, sheds and other outbuildings, a pond and three rice paddies. It also has fruit trees and plenty of green grass!

More than just a space for the kids to play, this property has potential for many other ministry opportunities. The extra buildings and outdoor area provide a great space for camp meetings and missionary retreats, a full-fledged children’s home, and for the discipleship training program the Nortons have been working on. 

“As soon as we found the property and drove in, it was like coming home.” 
Check out the property and hear the Nortons’ impression of and vision
for the space!

One of the Houses on the property

The pond, with a covered dock

Visit Kasey’s blog, Walking Redeemed, to hear more updates from the Nortons!

The Nortons have also been praying about teaming up with the Bauders to start a larger children’s home in Southern Thailand, but they remain open to God’s leading. They know that God has huge plans for the people of Sukhothai, and this property will be a huge asset to the ministry in Sukhothai for years to come.

The owner is asking $200,000 for the land and all the buildings on it. After talking with her, she has agreed to accept a down payment of about $20,000 (at current exchange rates) And monthly payments of $7,500 for 24 months, or until the property is paid off. Most land in this area costs this much without any buildings at all, but since she is getting older and no longer wants to care for the land, the owner is willing to sell it at a low price. What a blessing!

We are praying hard that soon they will be able to make the down payment and first month’s rent and be able to move in.

We would like to invite you to join us in praying for God to continue opening doors according to His will, and for His provision, claiming the promises given in Ephesians 3:20 and Matthew 18:19!

Thank you so much to those of you who have already been praying for the Nortons and their ministry in Sukhothai!

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