The spirit world is a real thing.

Less than two weeks ago, we put the kids to bed after a full and very long day. Things were going fine until suddenly they weren’t.

Because totally without warning, our little Thai girl went from smiling to being under demonic attack.

I saw nothing in the room but without a doubt there was an unwelcome presence there.

I watched her instantly grow terrified as she stared at something I couldn’t see. She began muttering frantically and then quickly escalated to screaming.

I asked her what was going on and she yelled (into the translator), “Things are happening!!”

I was praying from the moment awareness struck. There were demons in our house and we hadn’t invited them…

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Robert and Kasey Norton, with six of their eight children, moved to Thailand in August as missionaries, and they have taken in two young children from the Bangkok Slums who desperately needed a loving home. Kasey shared this story on her blog, Walking Redeemed.