One of our goals here at Jesus for Asia is to help keep you engaged with missions and the work God is doing in the hearts of his lost children on the other side of the world.

Sometimes it can be hard to feel connected with people who live so far away, whose lives are so different from our own, and yet God calls us to love them, and care for them.

In her book Our High Calling, Ellen White says that “Prayer unites us with one another and with God” (p. 177) (see full quote below).

We would like to share an opportunity to connect further with our Brothers and Sisters in Christ through prayer.

Every month, we receive dozens of prayer requests from our BIble Workers in India. We would like to start sharing some of these requests with you, and invite you to join us in praying for them.

Look for the Bible Workers’ prayer requests at the end of each newsletter!

Prayer Requests: 

1. Pray for protection over the Bible Workers who are giving secret Bible studies and supper in small village cottages (they are not supposed to leave their homes during the lockdown).

2. In many places our members and others are facing water problems. Please pray for rain.

3. Pray for our country’s leaders and political leaders to know Jesus the True God.