God has given the Norton Family a dream to open a children’s home and school in Thailand, and bit by bit, He is pulling the pieces together to make that dream happen.

A couple months ago, we shared how God opened the doors for the Nortons to start the purchase process for a piece of property with several existing buildings and a patient owner! He has also sent them two Bible Workers, Sanae and Wow, and a teacher, Ocean, to help them in their ministry.

The Nortons have applied for their license to run the children’s home, and while they wait for the government’s approval, they are beginning to prepare the property.

Their first projects are a well and a school building. The Nortons realized early on that the water reserve in their pond was not going to last through the dry season, and they had no other water source. In answer to prayer God provided rain to fill the pond and the funds to drill a well on the property.

Some of the Nortons’ boys, excited to watch the well being drilled!

One of the property’s existing buildings is being converted to the school building. 

Robbie Norton, along with Sanae, Wow, and Ocean, have started tearing down and rebuilding walls to create spaces for classrooms and a small chapel. Contractors will be fixing the roof and adding a ceiling and windows. 

As God leads, the Nortons plan to begin work on other buildings including:

  • A boy’s and a girl’s dormitory which could hold 24-30 children each 
  • A staff apartment building (to give staff their own private space for when they are not working) 
  • An outdoor covered cafeteria 
  • And most likely a church structure that would operate separately from the church at the Mission Post in the city

Take a tour of the Nortons’ property, with their children as your tour guides!

The Nortons also plan on hiring more staff as the needs grow. They are hoping to find people who are willing to serve, and who they can disciple and minister to as well.

God dreams big, and although there’s a lot of work to be done, the Nortons trust His leading, and are continually praying for His wisdom, instruction, and funding.

Please join us in praying for the Nortons, for the building projects, the permission to care for more children, and for the selection of staff to help care for the children.

Please also keep the property in your prayers. The owner has agreed to take monthly payments of $7500 for the next two years, rather than asking for full payment immediately. We firmly believe God has led the Nortons to this property and He will provide as His children pray.

If God is leading you to support this project financially, please click the button below.