Priscilla is a Jesus for Asia Bible Worker in India. Part of the Hindu village she works in did not want anyone to teach them about Jesus.

The villagers got together and conjured an evil spirit. It suddenly spoke to Priscilla while she was walking alone on the top of a hill. “You should not work for Jesus here! You have to go away from this place,” the spirit said.

She was startled, but her confidence in God was strong. She replied, “I work for the Lord who created the heavens and the earth. You are satan. You cannot command me. You go away!” The demon said the same thing again, and Priscilla replied the same way. Three times this exchange occurred.

After the third exchange, the demon took the shape of a man and came straight toward her. Afraid, she cried out, “Jesus, please help me! satan is coming to harass and trouble me. Give me strength to overcome satan. Help me! Help me!” Immediately, Jesus took hold of her and carried her to the bottom of the hill, safely away from danger.

Priscilla rushed to her church and knelt to pray. “Oh Lord, if it is You who brought me from there, and delivered me from satan’s clutches, show a miraculous thing in front of these Hindu people so they can see that You are the living God!” As she prayed, a lady came running into the church…

And now, the rest of the story…

“My husband was just in an accident,” she sobbed. “The nerves in his neck have been cut. He is about to die. He has been admitted into the hospital. Please pray for my husband.”

Priscilla prayed once again, and the Lord spoke to her. “You go and pray for him.” The Lord said, “I will bring these people to be a living witness for you.”

Priscilla went to the hospital and prayed for Vishnu, the injured man. The doctors told them that Vishnu may live, or he may die. “Because of the damage to his nerves,” they said, “one side of his body will not function, even if he survives.”

Late that night, a one-hundred-year-old man walked into the hospital, past the front desk, past the doctors and the nurses, and into Vishnu’s room. He touched the place on his neck that was damaged during the accident and began to pray. Somehow, Vishnu could feel the old man’s hand. And as the old man prayed, he felt electricity run through his body.

When the doctors came into the room the next morning, they were shocked. Vishnu was completely healed.

That day, Vishnu walked out of the hospital and into the church. Now his entire family has accepted Jesus as their Savior, and they all attend church together.

Here is Vishnu’s testimony: “I was a man who was drinking. I used to smoke. I used to be a very strong Hindu worshipping idols. Only the living God, Jesus Christ, that old man. When He came and touched my neck, I felt that healing completely. It was Jesus who healed me. I’m going to be a living witness for Him. Thousands and thousands of thanks to the living God who healed me and my family from the sin of the worldly things.”

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