Priya was just a few weeks away from giving birth to her second child when she received some concerning news. Because she had high blood sugar, her baby was growing larger than normal. The scans showed her baby to weigh around nine pounds, and the doctors warned her that her delivery would be complicated, and that her baby would be born with serious defects. They recommended to her to eat less to prevent the baby from growing.

As Priya worried about her baby, she remembered Maragatham, a JFA Bible Worker and fellow church member, who often prayed for those who were sick or in distress. She called Maragatham and explained all her fears to her. Maragatham encouraged Priya and prayed with her over the phone every day until the baby was born. When Priya left for the hospital, Maragatham prayed especially for God to protect the mother and child.

To the surprise of the doctors, Priya gave birth without complications to a healthy baby boy, who weighed in at 11 pounds. She and her whole family thanked the Lord for the miracle He performed for them. Please pray for the doctor’s hearts to be opened because of this miracle, and for Priya’s family to continue to grow in their faith.

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