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  • j27238

    Repair Riot-Damaged Church

    Orissa, India. Riots broke out in 2008 and many Christian churches were damaged. Two of them were Adventist churches. This one is the worst damaged but has never been rebuilt. The local members are clinging to faith and begging for prayer and a new church. We have a JFA Bible worker in the area doing the ground work but it’s a very poor community with most barely able to survive. But right now, with the church in this condition, it’s just a reminder of the violence that took place over a decade ago and we would like to help get it rebuilt for the surviving members and to be a beacon of light for the community.

  • j27278

    9 Typhoon-Damaged Churches

    Orissa, India. A major Typhoon came through and blew off the roofs of 9 churches. Now they are semi-functional or completely non-functional depending on how much of the roof is still in tact. They desperately need our help as these churches service poor communities.

    All 9 churches will only cost $14,000 to repair! That’s an average of just $1,555/church.

  • j33650

    SUD Mission Projects

    Southern Asia Division Mission Projects

    We have a dream of several small “Lifestyle Community Centers” in every large city in India. These centers will be places where people can come to mingle and learn, to be inspired and discipled for Jesus. Another mission project is to train “Lifestyle Coaches” to lead the ministry in these Community Lifestyle Centers. These are just two of the Southern Asia Division’s Mission projects that we are hosting. Others include: hospital and church renovations and assisting students to attend SDA schools. Please note where you would like your donation used.

    Thank you for helping us help others!