Number of People Groups: 779
People Groups Unreached: 223 (28.6%)
OfficialLanguage: Indonesian
TotalPopulation: 257,236,000
Population in Unreached: 163,796,000 (63.7%)
Literacy Rate: 94%
Largest Religion: Islam (82.1%)
% Professing Christian: 12.8%
% Evangelical: 3.76%

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  • j1274

    Where Needed Most

    Your donation will go to where the need is greatest at the time, as well as enabling Jesus for Asia to continue to provide support for all its projects.

  • j31884

    Indonesia Outreach Project

    Amir Davis has sensed his calling to be directly involved in the Lord’s work overseas. He will be working at HCBN Indonesia, supporting some of their many ministries (health, television, etc.). This fund will provide for his travel, visa fees, living expenses so as not to be a burden to the local ministry.

    We’re starting with a launching goal of just $2,000.

  • j1264

    JFA Foreign Correspondents – The Hills

    As Asia seems distant to most people in Christian countries, Jonathan and Hannah want to share the needs and experiences of missions through videos so that more can know what is happening and also see the needs that they can help to meet. While they would both say that Thailand is home rather than America, they live in Thailand also to make it easier/cheaper to travel to JFA projects. This fund goes to help make travel to the various JFA projects possible so that they can help keep us up to date with videos and pictures.

  • j1108
    HCBN Indonesia

    Indonesia TV & Health Outreach

    Ramon and Shandy Tengkano operate this satellite station that covers the majority of Indonesia! It is one of only two Adventist stations in Indonesia. They live in an area almost entirely Muslim and they witness to their Muslim brothers and sisters though the lifestyle they live.

  • j4391


    The Institute of East Asia Training Extension equips and develops self-supporting missionaries for South East Asian countries. Here they are trained to reach people, through teaching, preaching and holistic healing.