Number of People Groups: 200
People Groups Unreached: 30 (15.0%)
OfficialLanguage: Tagalog
TotalPopulation: 102,100,000
Population in Unreached: 5,103,000 (5.0%)
Literacy Rate: 95%
Largest Religion: Christianity (91.0%)
% Professing Christian: 91.0%
% Evangelical: 12.20%

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  • j1274

    Where Needed Most

    video on youtube

    Your donation will go to where the need is greatest at the time, as well as enabling Jesus for Asia to continue to provide support for all its projects.

  • j1120

    GoBeDo Missions – Cordes

    video on vimeo

    GoBeDo is training Bible workers to share the truth about Jesus in the mountainous villages of the Philippine island of Mindanao.

  • j1122

    Mindoro Outreach

    video on youtube

    We have a team of Bible workers and teachers working to reach the unreached people of Mindoro! They need your support to continue sharing God's grace in this region!

  • j596
    Philippines Bible Worker

    Bible Workers: Philippines

    video on youtube

    The Bible worker program is the heart and soul of Jesus for Asia. It is one of the most effective ways we know of to spread the Gospel and develop groups of believers that stay committed to Christ for the long term.

    You can fully sponsor the wage of a Bible Worker in the Philippines for only $150/month!

  • j1264
    Jonathan Hill

    JFA Foreign Correspondent – Jonathan Hill

    Connecting God's people in the light to His children in the dark through technology is Jonathan's goal – to cast a vision of the lost. This fund is to support Jonathan as he travels throughout Asia gathering valuable footage and updated material on our projects. This footage helps us keep you up to date on everything happening overseas!


  • j3163

    Worthy Student Fund

    One of the most effective long term mission strategies is to invest in the Adventist eduction of our young people, many of whom are first generation into the church and have no Adventist background. An adventist eduction will them that daily experience with other Christians.

  • j1112
    HCBN Philippines

    Philippines Media Outreach

    Even though the church in the Philippines is well established and growing there are hundreds of millions of people that still haven’t heard the 3 Angels message and media is the cheapest, most effective way to spread the word like the leaves of autumn. Local Filipino teams are producing content for Television and Radio so the costs are low. Your contribution to this fund will enable these teams to go forward.