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  • j9414

    India TV Studio

    Ever since we started airing a weekly show on TV in south India our Bible workers have been busy responding to people asking for Bible study and prayer. It’s a powerful ministry. But we need to building a TV studio! Praise the Lord, a local SDA church is allowing us to build on the roof so the cost is only $18,000 including lights and equipment.

  • j5600

    Invest in Jesus for Asia

    When you “Invest in Jesus for Asia,” you support the nearly 50 projects listed below, and also allow us to move into new strategic projects as the opportunities present themselves. Giving here lets us continue to honor our promise that 100% of funds donated to our missionaries, Bible Workers, or other projects goes directly there. Thank you for your investment!

  • j5593


    “MissionTrek” is a series of television shows that is for the youth, by the youth. It follows two 14-yo girls to the mission field (Thailand and Cambodia) where they will discover how they can be a part of the Gospel movement in foreign fields. Filming in the field has been completed but the studio filming and the laborious process of editing are still a huge challenge/need. Your donation will help inspire the next generation of missionaries!

  • j1274

    Where Needed Most

    video on youtube

    Your donation will go to where the need is greatest at the time, as well as enabling Jesus for Asia to continue to provide support for all its projects.

  • j2732
    Mission TV

    Mission TV

    MissionTV is designed to inspire service to God through streaming mission stories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Watch at, or 3ABN’s MySDATV, or on a Roku.

  • j6022


    FaithCamp is where the Great Commission is embraced, and encouraged. Where we hear the experiences of missionaries and mission advocates. It's a launching pad.

    So far there have been over 20 FaithCamps held in 5 countries with many engaged in full time mission service as a result.

    Your donation will help support and promote these events and open the doors for more.

  • j1259
    Unreached People Groups

    Unreached People Seed Fund

    Each red dot represents an unreached people group! The purpose of this fund is to create a pool of resources, which will enable us to create a specific strategy for reaching each of these people groups! We are committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the unreached!

  • j1264
    Jonathan Hill

    JFA Foreign Correspondent – Jonathan Hill

    Connecting God's people in the light to His children in the dark through technology is Jonathan's goal – to cast a vision of the lost. This fund is to support Jonathan as he travels throughout Asia gathering valuable footage and updated material on our projects. This footage helps us keep you up to date on everything happening overseas!