Evangelism takes many forms and we have a wide variety of projects aimed specifically at spreading the Gospel.

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    Where Needed Most

    Where Needed Most

    These funds support the overall work of Jesus for Asia and are also used in the areas of greatest need!

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    Thai EGW

    Our High Calling

    The Ellen White devotional book, “Our High Calling,” has been translated and is being prepared for printing. This will be the first Adventist daily devotional book ever printed in the Thai language!

    Praise the Lord we have the funds to print the 1st 5,000 copies! We need another $5,000 to print an additional 5,000 copies.

    *Any amount over the goal will go towards translating it into other languages.

    Total Goal: $14,000.00
    Donations: $9,048.50
    Remaining: $4,951.50

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    Man of Peace

    Man of Peace

    “Man of Peace” is a condensed version of “The Desire of Ages,” which is a really thick book when translated into other languages. “Man of Peace” is a perfect introduction to Jesus Christ for people who never heard His name. They will be able to see His character and His purpose for them in an engaging and attractive format, which we hope will be the catalyst for many conversions.

    *Any amount over the goal will go towards translating it into other languages.

    Total Goal: $12,000.00
    Donations: $4,950.00
    Remaining: $7,050.00

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    Bangkok Center of Influence

    Bangkok: Center of Influence

    Our center will offer health related resources and practical training to help improve the health of the community in Bangkok. Since the above video was produced we have secured a building, but we need to raise $45,000 for the renovation and furnishing of it.

    Total Goal: $45,000.00
    Donations: $11,993.00
    Remaining: $33,007.00

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    GoBeDo Missions

    GoBeDo is training Bible workers to share the truth about Jesus in the mountainous villages of the Philippine island of Mindanao.

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    Mindora Face

    Mindoro Outreach

    We have a team of Bible workers and teachers working to reach the unreached people of Mindoro! They need your support to continue sharing God’s grace in this region!

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    Tim Maddocks

    SALT – Tim Maddocks

    Please support SALT Ministries as they serve the people of Cambodia through education and discipling.

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    Butterfly Paradise

    Butterfly Paradise

    Wat Preah Yesu (Tim and Wendy Maddocks) is located in one of the most touristed spots in Asia. God gave Tim a vision to build a Butterfly aviary to be a compelling witness to the tourists that come from many countries all around the world. Instead of selling the property for millions, they are building it into a witnessing tool for Christ.

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    Bible Worker

    Bible Workers: India

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    Philippines Bible Worker

    Bible Workers: Philippines

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    Thai Bible Workers

    Bible Workers: Thailand

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    Projectors for Evangelism

    Projectors for Evangelism

    Projectors for the Bible Workers in India. We need 20 and they cost about $300 each! (Received $600)

    *Any amount over the goal will go towards translating it into other languages.

    Total Goal: $6,000.00
    Donations: $600.00
    Remaining: $5,400.00

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    Eden Blossoms

    Eden Blossoms

    David and Kristina live in a country in southern Asia training children and youth as missionaries and spiritual leaders to their own people. They work alongside local church leadership to develop systems of child evangelism and spiritual training, previously almost non-existent in this region.

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    Mumbai Slum Church

    Mumbai Slum Church

    The slums of Mumbai are the largest in Asia and we have had several Bible Workers there for a number of years. They have a nice group of believers but with no regular place of worship the flock is scattered. Help them have a place of their own!

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    Mumbai Church Expansion

    Mumbai Church Expansion

    This church is 20 years old and needs a second story because people have to sit out on the streets since there's no room inside. We currently have two JFA Bible workers working here.

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    Church Building for Downtown Mumbai

    Mumbai still hasn't been evangelized and there is still only one church in the entire city proper where over 12 million people live.


    Plant and construct 12 high quality churches to reach the lost in the city of Mumbai.

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    Audio Bibles for the Blind

    Audio Bibles

    So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God – Romans 10:17

    Audio Bibles are a major blessing for the blind and illiterate! Spread the Gospel through audio Bibles today!