Our world becomes more connected everyday. The goal of our media projects is to make the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy books easily available in the languages of the people of Asia. We want to have as many ways as possible for them to meet and learn about Jesus.

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    Invest in Jesus for Asia

    When you “Invest in Jesus for Asia,” you support the nearly 50 projects listed below, and also allow us to move into new strategic projects as the opportunities present themselves. Giving here lets us continue to honor our promise that 100% of funds donated to our missionaries, Bible Workers, or other projects goes directly there. Thank you for your investment!

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    Where Needed Most

    video on youtube

    Your donation will go to where the need is greatest at the time, as well as enabling Jesus for Asia to continue to provide support for all its projects.

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    TV Production Vehicle – Thailand

    video on vimeo

    LFA Village Production Truck from Jonathan Hill on Vimeo.

    Thailand is less than 1% Christian. There are very few spiritual resources for any of the 73 languages represented. This Television Production Vehicle is a fully self-contained 4 wheel drive unit that can go to any church and broadcast and record a sermon or presentation in any language and begin building up the library of spiritual resources. Using brand new technology it can broadcast live to an online platform like Facebook using nothing more than cellular data on an iPhone.

    The truck has been purchased on a loan and we need to pay it back.

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    Mission TV

    Mission TV

    MissionTV is designed to inspire service to God through streaming mission stories 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Watch at, or 3ABN’s MySDATV, or on a Roku.

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    Love for Asia Media Team

    video on vimeo

    Love for Asia Media Team from Jonathan Hill on Vimeo.

    It currently costs $6500 per month to support the entire Love for Asia Media team of eight global pioneers!

    Love for Asia Foundation is supporting all of our other Thailand projects and act as an umbrella organization for them.

    Thank you and God bless.

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    The Bair Family

    Thai Gospel Media – Bair Family

    video on vimeo

    Thai Gospel Media: Bair Family from Jonathan Hill on Vimeo.

    Daniel and Tesha Bair live in Chiang Mai, Thailand with their four children: Natanyah, Nathaniel, Nehama, and Nehemiah.

    The Bairs are directing the Love for Asia Foundation, which supports media evangelism in Thailand.

    They believe in the power of communication for giving the Gospel to the people of Thailand, which are becoming more connected to media every day.

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    Life Changing Stories

    One of the greatest needs in sharing the gospel is training our workers into deeper understanding of present truth and developing an Adventist healthy lifestyle. Armani* and Ariana* are gifted trainers with a well-developed systematic curriculum for a 4-month program which they hope to utilize in many different places throughout Asia.

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    Jonathan Hill

    JFA Foreign Correspondent – Jonathan Hill

    Connecting God's people in the light to His children in the dark through technology is Jonathan's goal – to cast a vision of the lost. This fund is to support Jonathan as he travels throughout Asia gathering valuable footage and updated material on our projects. This footage helps us keep you up to date on everything happening overseas!


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    HCBN Indonesia

    Indonesia TV & Health Outreach

    video on youtube

    Ramon and Shandy Tengkano operate this satellite station that covers the majority of Indonesia! It is one of only two Adventist stations in Indonesia. They live in an area almost entirely Muslim and they witness to their Muslim brothers and sisters though the lifestyle they live.

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    HCBN Philippines

    Philippines Media Outreach

    Even though the church in the Philippines is well established and growing there are hundreds of millions of people that still haven’t heard the 3 Angels message and media is the cheapest, most effective way to spread the word like the leaves of autumn. Local Filipino teams are producing content for Television and Radio so the costs are low. Your contribution to this fund will enable these teams to go forward.