These men and women have given up all to follow Jesus! We hope they will inspire you to surrender all and do the same.

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    Where Needed Most

    Where Needed Most

    These funds support the overall work of Jesus for Asia and are also used in the areas of greatest need!

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    The Bair Family

    Thai Gospel Media: The Bair Family

    Daniel and Tesha Bair live in Chiang Mai, Thailand with their three children: Natanyah, Nathaniel, and Nehama.

    The Bairs are directing the Love for Asia Foundation, which supports media evangelism in Thailand.

    They believe in the power of communication for giving the Gospel to the people of Thailand, which are becoming more connected to media every day.


    Need: $2,500.00/month
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    The Atwell Family

    Bangkok Outreach – Atwells

    Brian and Jessica Atwell are full-time missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand where they are building a Center of Influence to share the health message and love of Jesus with the people of Bangkok.


    Need: $2,000.00/month
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    Bauder Project

    Bangkok Outreach – Bauders

    Josh and Chitlada Bauder share the love of Jesus with the people in the On Nut 49 Slum area of Bangkok. They have a vibrant church plant there and are working to raise money to sponsor young people to Chiang Mai Adventist Academy. As of April 2017, they have successfully sent two young people to get academy!


    Need: $1,500.00/month
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    Bangkok Outreach - Bauders

    Scholarships for Kids in the Slums

    One of the goals of the Bauder project is to provide scholarships for young people from the Ong Nut 49 slums to attend an Adventist Academy in Chiang Mai. In April of 2017, Josh and Chitlada made the trip with their first two students! Praise the Lord!

    Please support this project so more young people like Nut and Praew can get a good, Christian education!

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    GoBeDo Missions

    GoBeDo is training Bible workers to share the truth about Jesus in the mountainous villages of the Philippine island of Mindanao.


    Need: $2,500.00/month
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    Bible Worker Training – Dreher

    Bible Worker Training – Drehers from Jonathan Hill on Vimeo.

    One of the greatest needs in sharing the gospel is training our workers into deeper understanding of present truth and developing an Adventist lifestyle. Daniel and Lorna are gifted trainers with a well-developed systematic curriculum for a 4 month program which they hope to utilize in many different places throughout India.


    Need: $800.00/month
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    Tim Maddocks

    SALT – Tim Maddocks

    Please support SALT Ministries as they serve the people of Cambodia through education and discipling.

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    Cambodia Education – Lundby

    Miranda Lundby is pursuing her Master’s degree in Education with the goal of building the first Seventh-day Adventist boarding academy in Cambodia! Many young people leave the church in their high school years because they have no Adventist option. This fund helps support Miranda as she studies and labors to make this dream a reality.


    Need: $800.00/month
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    Love and Care Project Group

    Love and Care Project

    Rodney and Phimpha work tirelessly to share the love of Jesus to any who come to them seeking help. Their main work is caring for children from abusive backgrounds, some even victims of child trafficking. Their great faith in God is an inspiration to us and they desperately need supporters. Please consider supporting the Love and Care Project today!


    Need: $6,000.00/month
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    Sharon Family Projects

    The Sharon Family Projects by Jonathan Hill, JFA Foreign Correspondent

    The Sharon family is all about missions! Leroy and Lisa Sharon operate a school in Thailand near the Thai-Burma border. They have four sons: Andrew, Ben, Jason, and Travis all of whom are currently or have been involved in mission work.

    Praise the Lord for this family! They have made great in-roads among the Karen people along the Thai-Burma border and the foundations are being laid for tremendous impact for Christ.

    Their project officially launched in 2009, but some of the sons had already been in Thailand for a couple years. Leroy and Lisa have since adopted four little Karen girls and are raising them as a second family!


    Need: $2,500.00/month
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    Travis Sharon

    Sharon Family – Travis

    Travis lives by himself in a remote jungle area near the Thai-Burma border where he is building a school. He spends his time constructing the school buildings, planting a garden, and visiting the local villages. This video by Jesus for Asia Foreign Correspondent Jonathan Hill highlights why Travis is doing this work.

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    Gayle Haberkam

    Gayle had committed to a three month stay in Thailand in 2009, but fell in love with the Karen people, and could no longer see a life for herself in the USA.

    Her ministry is medical, which in-turn results in Bible studies with the people. God truly enables who He calls! Gayle is an exciting, passionate missionary who loves her work!


    Need: $1,500.00/month
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    Eden Blossoms

    Eden Blossoms

    David and Kristina live in a country in southern Asia training children and youth as missionaries and spiritual leaders to their own people. They work alongside local church leadership to develop systems of child evangelism and spiritual training, previously almost non-existent in this region.


    Need: $1,500.00/month
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    Elani and Brenden’s Wedding Registry

    Elani and Brenden are getting married and they would like their wedding presents to go for something meaningful. They are planning to travel to Thailand after the wedding and volunteer with Gayle Haberkam, our adventurous mountain jungle trekking nurse, in her medical outreach to the local villages. They are planning on traveling to Thailand early next year before Brenden begins Physician’s Assistant training. Your donation will aid them in their trip and ministry expenses, and any extra funds will go to Gayle’s mission project to provide medicine and vitamins for the villagers.


    Need: $3,000.00
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    Sarah VanHee

    Thailand Outreach – Sarah Van Hee

    Sarah has been led to Thailand to work with a people group that has been ravished by war, poverty, disease, ignorance, and fear. She seeks to develop trusting friendships to share the gospel with those who have never heard. Read true-life mission experiences on her blog at BuryMyHeart.org.


    Need: $500.00/month
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    Eugene Prewitt

    Eugene Prewitt

    Eugene Prewitt mentors youth to fill mission stations in the 10-40 window where he has traveled extensively. He writes, preaches, teaches and promotes the Three Angels Messages while church planting in rural Arkansas with his wife Heidi.