Jesus for Slum Kids – Bangkok from Jonathan Hill on Vimeo.

Josh and Chitlada Bauder share the love of Jesus with the people in the On Nut 49 Slum area of Bangkok. They have a vibrant church plant there and are working to raise money to sponsor young people to Chiang Mai Adventist Academy. As of April 2017, they have successfully sent two young people to get academy!

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“God has called my wife, Chitlada, and I to share the love of God with the people in the On Nut 49 Slum area of Bangkok. We have been called to teach, care for, and show God’s love to these people.”~ Josh Bauder

Their goal is to turn the local church building into a hospital for broken people, a school for the unlearned, and a place of worship for the One True God. They have put together an after school program so the children can escape the drugs and prostitution in the slum. “We want to provide a place where they can learn life skills from God’s word,” says Josh.

The children that come to the after school program will have the opportunity to receive financial assistance to attend Chiang Mai Adventist Academy and hopefully, by the grace of God, attend college at Asia-Pacific International University.


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“We want to give these people hope where there seems to be no hope. We want to introduce them to Jesus, their friend and Savior.”

Josh Bauder

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