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In 2008, Mike and Michelle Cordes claimed the Philippine island of Mindanao as there inheritance according to Isaiah 54:3.

GoBeDo Missions is a training center for Bible workers, equipping young men and women with the tools and skills they need to reach their home villages. The work is hard and persecution is expected, but they claim God’s promises and press on for the sake of the unreached in Mindanao.

GoBeDo is training Bible workers to share the truth about Jesus in the mountainous villages of the Philippine island of Mindanao.

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“I’m not a lovely person, I know that, and if God can give the kind of grace He’s given to me, the least I can do is give back. You’ve heard the saying ‘those that have been forgiven much, love much,’ and I’ve been forgiven a whole bunch. I owe the Lord a lot, I owe Him my life. I want to see the faces of these people when they receive their reward in heaven.”
Mike Cordes

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