He's Coming Broadcasting Networks

He’s Coming Broadcasting Network is a satellite TV station streaming the Gospel to millions of homes throughout Asia.

We currently have two stations: HCBN Philippines and HCBN Indonesia.

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Even though the church in the Philippines is well established and growing there are hundreds of millions of people that still haven’t heard the 3 Angels message and media is the cheapest, most effective way to spread the word like the leaves of autumn. Local Filipino teams are producing content for Television and Radio so the costs are low. Your contribution to this fund will enable these teams to go forward.

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Philippines Media Outreach

HCBN is one of the media projects in the Philippines. Run by volunteers on a small stipend, it is dedicated to sharing God’s love and the knowledge of Christ’s imminent return throughout the  7,500 islands of the Philippines through television, radio, and the internet. They produce weekly programs in the TV studio and air them on cable channels as well as over the internet. At one time we were broadcasting on satellite, covering all of the Philippines but the costs were prohibitive. We dream some day of doing that again.


In September of 2008, just after hurricane Frank ravaged the area killing almost 5000 people, Jon Wood, President of Jesus for Asia, visited Iloilo on the island of Panay to start a video studio. He conducted a week of training and out of that training JFA hired 3 people where were the core of the work. He also designed the studio that they are using and the work is still ongoing today with many productions in the studio and many people coming to Christ through these broadcasts.


Ramon and Shandy Tengkano operate this satellite station that covers the majority of Indonesia! It is one of only two Adventist stations in Indonesia. They live in an area almost entirely Muslim and they witness to their Muslim brothers and sisters though the lifestyle they live.

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Indonesia Media Outreach

Ramon and Shandy Tengkano operate a TV studio and satellite uplink station that broadcasts to all Indonesia and Malaysia! It is the only 24/7 Adventist television station in Indonesia. Ramon and Shandy also have a passion for the Spirit of Prophecy and advocate the benefits of a simple, healthy lifestyle. And they should know the benefits!

Ramon and Shandy had it all, everything you could hope for in this world. But there was a void in their life; a life full of things, but spiritually empty. Though he had grown up in the church, he never really grasped Christ. He and his wife, Shandy, prayed that God would reveal Himself to them. Jesus’ parable of the man who found a treasure in a field, sold everything he had and purchased that field was a point of confusion for Ramon. He asked the Lord to prove this story in his own life. God in His love revealed to them little by little for the next two years. Ramon withdrew from business and focused on seeking God and His will for his life. God completely changed them, and they found new joy. But still, something was missing.

Early 2011 they met Jon Wood at a JFA sponsored FaithCamp in Jakarta. They saw people that were excited about serving God and were overwhelmed with the stories of faith where God actually came through for them. This prompted a desire to work for God. Then a call was made for someone to start a television station to reach Indonesia. Ramon had no interest, but God’s providence led him to volunteer to be in charge! 

They started letting go of things one by one. It was a painful journey, but spiritually rewarding for them both. They went from wanting more and more things to wanting more and more of Christ! That experience became the main ingredient in their television ministry. They wanted the viewers to see that God is willing to help if we allow Him to do so. Now they have found the experience they had been missing reading and studying! Now they were working to acquire the Lord’s treasure hid in the fields of this world!

And many of the high class, the rich and powerful of society are coming to them for answers, looking for the joy in their simple life of service.

Your donation will help fund their volunteer staff and pay for expenses of running a TV ministry with a very broad reach.

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