JFA Evening Schools

Every poor child growing up in India faces two main predators:

Hunger & Lack of Education

The JFA Evening Schools directly combat these predators by providing children with 2hrs of education and a wholesome meal 6 nights/week.

Here’s the amazing part: It costs only $7/month to support one of these beautiful kids!

JFA Evening Schools provide education and a nourishing meal for children in poverty-stricken situations. These schools operate in the evenings and are a much needed resource to help the children gain a better education and fight the ever-present challenge of malnutrition.

$7/month is all it takes to provide two hours of education and a healthy meal six days a week to a child at our evening schools!

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 Every poor child growing up in India faces two main predators: 

Hunger & Lack of Education

Jesus for Asia currently has 20 evening schools operating in India, which serve over 600 children six nights a week. We estimate we have served close to a million meals since the program began in 2007! There are millions of children in India who do not get adequate nutrition and education and we do all we can to help as many as possible. This story is a good reminder that we must do all we can even if we impact only a few:

A father and son were walking down the beach after a large storm had stranded thousands and thousands of starfish on the beach where they would dry out and die. The son started picking one up after another and throwing them back into the ocean.

His father looked at him and said, “Son, you can’t throw all those starfish back into the ocean. It’s impossible! You’re not making any difference at all to these thousands of poor creatures.”

His son paused, looked at the starfish he had in his hand, and said, “Yeah, but to this one I will make all the difference in the world.”


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