Mindoro Outreach


Missionaries Pete and Jessica Barolo have dedicated their lives to reaching the Mangyan people of Mindoro, Philippines.

The Mangyan live in extreme poverty and superstition with no access to the Gospel. They have little knowledge about basic hygiene and are completely uneducated.

Pete and Jessica are leading a team of Bible Workers and teachers to lift the Mangyan out of cultural and spiritual darkness.

Help us illuminate Mindoro!


There is a people group deep in the mountains of Mindoro, an island in the Philippines, that live in deep fear and superstition that keeps them from education and proper nutrition. Our team of missionaries are winning hearts through educating their children and providing food for them. They are also showing them the power of a risen savior over the evil spirits that rule their lives. The children often go all day without food while their parents are out scavenging in the jungle for something edible. Your gift will sponsor a missionary, Bible worker, and some food for these poor starving children.

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