Give the Water of Life by providing physical water to needy villages in India!

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As Water to the Thirsty…

Many villages in India suffer from an extreme lack of water. These villages are not close to any natural sources of fresh water or these sources are not fit to drink and so they must rely on the government for water.

Government water is available usually only once a week and, if they’re lucky and receive their full allowance, they will receive only 24 gallons for the whole family to last the entire week. All laundry, bathing, drinking and cooking will have to be done with this amount of water. In America, that would equate to about eight flushes of the toilet!

The concept is simple: provide fresh water for the village at the local Seventh-day Adventist Church. This will show Christ’s care for them and provide witnessing opportunities.


Give the Water of Life today!




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